With violence rates rising, Turn90 is more relevant than ever

It’s important to note, however, that violence against Black people doesn’t just come from radicalized white men. The truth is most of the death comes from violence on the streets of cities across America. Cities like North Charleston, which remains Turn90’s home headquarters. The experiences of the men we serve bear that out; a recent informal survey found that, of the eight Black men in our Print Shop on a Friday afternoon, seven of them knew someone impacted by gun violence or death. When Malik told us his story, he spoke of at least four murders committed by Black men against other Black men, three of which have to date gone unsolved.

New Options, Same Great Print Shop

Our customers mean the world to us. After all, it’s your orders that make it possible for us to fulfill our social mission of keeping men from returning to prison!

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The streets seemed magical to Malik. The guys out there had all the cool things: jewelry, Jordans, Starter jackets. By age 12, an older boy, already heavily involved in the streets, took a liking to Malik. “He took me under his wing,” Malik says. “He showed me everything. How to cook, how to package. He told me who would buy from me. He sold me my first gun.”