However, a name wasn’t enough to protect Mac from a generational cycle of crime and brutality. It wasn’t enough to hide him from the life he was born to. It wasn’t enough to keep him safe from the kind of abuse that haunts every parent’s nightmares. Today, at 44, he hopes that sharing his story … Read more


Those words, written by Harper Lee for the iconic fictional lawyer Atticus Finch, seem to have been written about Chris, a Turning Leaf student whose path through the program has been full of complications. To the outside world, Chris might resemble any other black man who has led a life of crime filled with drugs, … Read more

Aulzue “Blue”

Before coming to Turning Leaf, graduating from our program and becoming one of our most beloved staff members and team mentors, Blue hit rock bottom. A life of unchecked anger and aggression led to a single moment, a single act, that can never be undone. Let us be clear up front this week: this is … Read more


Rickey proved that, with the help of his family at Turning Leaf, anything is possible. He graduated four years ago and is living life on the up-and-up with a successful career and fiancé. He hasn’t been arrested since his graduation day. He’s never going back to jail. This is Rickey’s story. “My family was loving … Read more