So says Anthony Green, a student at the Turning Leaf Project. And he should know: his life began differently from so many of our other students. He had a happy childhood, a stable family life – they should have added up to a happy, stable life for him. But Anthony lost his way, addicted to … Read more


This was the case for Tony. His was a single-parent household with four kids to feed. His mama did her best, and so did he as he got older, trying to make a life for himself and his own child. When it became impossible to support his family on the straight-and-narrow path, he found other … Read more


At the time of our writing this post, our country is tense. We’re in the throes of a pandemic the likes of which many of us wouldn’t have imagined in our worst nightmares. “Quarantine” and “lockdown” have become words well-known by the tiniest children. Incomprehensible numbers of lives have been lost to a virus we … Read more