Two New Faces in the Turning Leaf Print Shop

Have you ever wanted to make a career change to make a difference in the world?

We’re excited to introduce two women who felt that, lived it, and made the change to join us in the Turning Leaf Print Shop, bringing with them unique skillsets that will make a huge impact on our organization.

Beth Greene comes to us originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and although not a farm girl herself, her college roommate was a former Iowa State Dairy Princess. But that’s a story for another day. Beth felt called to criminal justice as a career, but when positions as a case manager at a prison and a probation officer left her feeling frustrated, she tried something new: screen printing! This was at the start of the Etsy DIY movement, and she made a successful career in the apparel industry.

Something was missing, though, and when Beth saw the opportunity to work with Turning Leaf as we open our new Columbia Print Shop, she leapt at it. We’re so glad she did. As we move into October and begin preparing our new location at 630 Blue Ridge Terrace in Columbia, Beth will use her combination of criminal justice knowledge and screen-printing skills as the Print Shop Manager (Columbia) to make the new shop a smashing success.

Maura Langston, on the other hand, grew up in Columbia but will be based out of our Charleston office. Maura graduated with a BA in Communications from The College of Charleston, then made waves in the local F&B industry selling beer for over a decade, working with companies like Lee Distributors and Steel Hands Brewing. Now she’s thrilled to be using her sales talents to develop business partnerships for the Print Shops in both locations, knowing she’ll be making a difference in so many people’s lives.

As the Business Development Manager, Maura will be the new point of contact for all Print Shop customers, present and future.

And since we shared a random fact about Beth, we’ll include one for Maura as well. Maura has the world’s cutest, brownest, floofiest puppy in the world. We love Chai, and since Maura’s already lobbying for Turning Leaf dog clothes, who knows what the future holds?

Are you interested in hearing more about the Print Shop? Click this link to learn more about our mission. And if you’re ready to order custom-printed apparel, click here to get a quote today.