Turn90 on the Radio

Are you a podcast addict?

Great news! We have two opportunities to listen to members of the Turn90 team on podcasts you may already know and love!

venturing VOICES

The venturing VOICES podcast, hosted by Nell Fuller, creates a platform for women entrepreneurs in South Carolina and beyond to talk about what made them the badass leaders they are today. Check it out to hear Turn90 Founder and Executive Director Amy Barch talk about why she’s passionate about helping men returning home from incarceration.

Small Talks, Big Ideas with Steve

Get to know the Lowcountry’s local-independent business community, one changemaker at a time with Steve Fletcher from Lowcountry Local First. Give it a listen to learn all about Turn90’s program and social enterprise from Director of Development and Communications Leah Rhyne.

The links above are to Spotify, but both interviews are available at all your favorite podcasting locations. Check them out and let us know what you think!