Turn90 Campaign: Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers’ Association

When Kelli Frye had to set up branded merchandise to sell to Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers’ Association members, she knew one thing: she wanted to work with Turn90. A longtime supporter of both the Turn90 Program (working in Probation, she’s sent a client or two our way following their release from incarceration) and the Print Shop (as the Vice President of her sons’ school parent association, she’s no stranger to t-shirt orders), she knew the quality, price, and good samaritan-feeling we offer can’t be beaten.

But there was one problem: Frye needed such a variety of products, and in such a wide array of styles, she wasn’t certain at first that Turn90 had the bandwidth or flexibility to manage her requirements. 

Never fear, though! The Print Shop Team at Turn90 is always able to help!

Especially Business Development Manager Maura Langston.

“It was a labor of love,” says Frye. “We had to sort through so many different products to pick which ones we wanted, and which ones were available. But Maura was on board to help us every step of the way.”

They decided to offer the Association fourteen (14!!!) different items. From polos to windbreakers, beanies to baseball caps, this is by far the most products any Turn90 client has sold in a single campaign. Each garment will have the FPPOA logo hand-printed by a man out of prison who is working to change his life.

It was definitely a challenge, points out Langston.

With so many products out of stock these days, we had to find garments that would suit the Association’s needs and ideally be available when we were ready to take orders.”

Langston also points out that Turn90 campaigns do require a little flexibility on the part of clients and their customers. “A campaign runs for two weeks, and we don’t start printing until the campaign is closed,” she says. “If you order a shirt on the first day of a campaign, you may not get it for a month. So it’s just a matter of setting expectations properly from the outset.”

But the challenge was worth it, with the FPPOA campaign up and running and orders from happy customers coming in. It was especially worth it for Frye. “I’ve always loved Turn90’s mission,” she says. “The work they do with men coming home from prison is unmatched in this area, and maybe anywhere. I’m always happy to support Turn90 in any way I can.”