The Ordering Process with Maura Langston

At Turn90, we make every effort to make our ordering process as smooth and transparent as possible. To that end, we recently sat down with Maura Langston, our Business Development Manager, to learn a bit more about how orders move through our system, and how we’re working to meet every customer’s needs

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Thanks for chatting with us, Maura. Can you walk us through the basic ordering process? What’s it like for a new customer to make an order?

We always need a couple of basic questions answered to begin an estimate. To start, it’s good to know what garment you’d like (t-shirt/long-sleeve/hoodie, etc). Do you already have art, and if so, how many colors is it and where do you want it placed? Do you have quantities and sizes already in mind? 

A lot of the time, people don’t know all those answers, which is ok too! If this is the case, I ask them if they know the quality level (basic/mid-level/premium) they may be interested in. If not, I can provide example costs of different common options.

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Once we settle on a garment, design, and quantities, we send over an official quote. From there the customer is scheduled with the design team to review a mockup. Post-mockup approval a down payment invoice is sent. Once we receive the payment we begin ordering the items, and scheduling production. It’s usually around 10-12 business days from the down payment to complete production, which can change depending on quantities/stock issues/how busy we are. 

What are some common hiccups you run into?

Like the rest of the world, we are experiencing supply chain and shipping issues. Depending on how long it takes a customer to get through the approval process, the items decided on may no longer be in stock. We try to explain at the beginning of the process that we may have to find comparable items if the chosen item is out of stock, but we would never swap an item without updating the customer.

Shipping is also taking longer than before. What used to show up in 24 hours or less is suddenly taking days!

Graphics can also be a little tricky. Our printing is all done by hand and sometimes a very complicated design won’t look great when translated to screen-printing. If I don’t think we can produce a garment to our highest quality standards, I’ll make suggestions on changes or connect with design to see what will look amazing!

What’s one thing you wish every customer knew prior to making their first order?

Supply chain issues! Just kidding, kind of…

Honestly, I’m happy to help throughout the process. It can be overwhelming, but knowing the garment type/design and placement really can streamline the process. The faster those decisions are made, the faster we can get the job moving.

Also, we may not always be the cheapest option. We’re trying to make sure our guys are being paid fairly, and all our printing is done by hand, not a machine. That being said, I like to think we’re the happiest option. Knowing your dollar is going towards these phenomenal men getting a second chance…I like to think that means something.

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