Contract Pricing at the Turn90 Print Shop

Are you in the business of creating marketing materials for cool local organizations?

Do you want to be able to offer t-shirts and totes but don’t know how?

We’ve got an answer for you!

With Turn90 contract pricing, you can get amazing custom-printed, branded merch for your clients at a fraction of the cost. 

How does it work?

First, you call or email our Business Development Manager, Maura Langston, to let her know you’re interested in contract pricing. She’ll send you our most up-to-date pricing, based on the cost of ink and labor. Our prices per unit go down as the number of units you order goes up!

Second, you provide us with the garments you want us to print for your clients. We can print on your t-shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, totes, aprons, tea towels, and much much more! And don’t forget to send us their logo or other graphics as well!

Third, let us know: do you want our Turn90 tags on your garments, showing where you got them printed? Or do you want them tagless? Either way is fine. We can be discreet!

Finally, pick up your beautiful, custom-printed merch (or we can ship it to you) and deliver it to your clients.

It’s truly that easy!

Save yourself and your clients money and deliver the hand-printed merch they need! All while supporting a second chance for men coming home from prison today!